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GreenField Recycled Glass Stone Offers Key Benefits

GreenField Recycled Glass Stone Products LLC, located in Dubuque, Iowa, offers a self-named, ecofriendly surfacing material made with 100 percent recycled glass combined in a proprietary cementitious mix. The company claims the final product “is more durable than quartz and offers more color combinations than granite.” In addition, slabs that match an...

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GlassSLAB Offers Unique Recycled Countertop Options

Glass Recycled Surfaces, based in the Dallas, Texas, area, manufactures a unique countertop product comprised of recycled glass and porcelain that is branded as GlassSLAB. The slabs are 80 percent recycled glass and porcelain aggregates and 20 percent VOC-free epoxy resin, and the company claims that no two are alike. More than...

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ELEEK Offers Recycled Metal Tiles and Sinks

ELEEK Inc. has been manufacturing cast-metal tiles and sinks made from recycled aluminum and bronze since 2000. The aluminum tiles are 100 percent recycled and include a minimum of 70 percent post-consumer content while the bronze tiles are at least 90 percent recycled with half of the recycled material coming from post-consumer...

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EnviroGLAS Terrazzo Made With VOC-Free Epoxy Resin

EnviroGLAS Terrazzo is recycled-glass surface manufactured by EnviroGLAS Products, Inc. It is a thin-set epoxy terrazzo that is made with a two-component epoxy resin that is color pigmented and free of VOCs. The aggregate contained in this surfacing is 100 percent post-industrial recycled glass and is trowel applied at a minimum thickness...

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Kirei USA Announces Launch of New Website

Kirei USA, a manufacturer of sustainable design materials, recently announced the launch of its new website. The site features product offerings from Kirei with separate sections for Kirei Board, Bamboo, Coco tiles and Echopanel Acoustics. Each section provides colors and styles available, product information and links to download spec sheets and request samples....

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Wilsonart & Arborite Announce Save a Sample! Sponsorship

Wilsonart, a leading manufacturer of decorative surfaces, and Canadian-based manufacturer of high pressure laminate, Arborite, announced their combined sponsorship of the Save a Sample! program. The program collects unused brochures, fabrics, finish cards and samples that are then delivered to design schools and students to use in their projects and design work. Arborite and Wilsonart’s...

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Rinato Terrazzo Countertops Made From Recycled Glass

Terrazzo & Marble Supply (T&M), a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), offers Rinato Terrazzo countertops made of cementitious recycled glass-based material. Glass that was once destined to be buried in landfills has been recovered and reused as a raw material in the crafting of Rinato. This material provides all...

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Kliptech Manufactures EcoTop and RecycleTop Surfaces

Kliptech manufactures and distributes two types of sustainable surfacing: EcoTop® and RecycleTop®. Both materials were designed to promote sustainability without having to compromise style or quality and are in line with the company’s mission to develop, design and manufacture durable, cost-effective, user-friendly and environmentally friendly products. EcoTop was personally designed by Joel...

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Green Commercial Building Study

A 10-year study conducted from 2004 to 2013, at the University of Guelph in Ontario and published in the Journal of Portfolio Management, reveals that green office buildings have more satisfied tenants and higher occupancy and lease renewal rates. Ten years of data from one of North America’s largest commercial real estate...

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Greenbuild 2015 Showcases Unity Home

This year’s Greenbuild International Conference and Expo will feature the 2015 Greenbuild Unity Home. Builder magazine, along with New Hampshire-based builder Unity Homes and the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute (C2C) have partnered to construct the demonstration show home that will be displayed at Greenbuild Nov. 18 to 19 in Washington, D.C....

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Cali Bamboo Offers GreenClaimed Cork Wall Tiles

Cali Bamboo’s GreenClaimed® brand offer a product line of designer cork wall tiles. Cork is considered to be one of the most renewable and sustainable materials available because of the manner in which the material is harvested. GreenClaimed cork wall tiles are made from recycled cork from the wine bottling industry. The...

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Curava Recycled Glass Is Resin Based

While many other recycled-glass surfacing uses cement as a binder, Curava Recycled Glass Surface has a resin binder developed for strength, hygiene and stain resistance without the need for sealer or wax, reports the manufacturer. The amount of recycled glass used in making Curava is equivalent to 25 glass bottles per sq....

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Richlite Offers Three Series of Sustainable Surfacing

Richlite has been producing sustainable countertop materials since 1943, the newest of which is embedded with bamboo and called Stratum. Stratum is a naturally designed material inspired by the banded cliffs of Palouse Canyon in Eastern Washington. In addition to Stratum, Richlite offers the Northwest series and Cascade series of surfacing, all...

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Pelican Sinks Introduces Bamboo Series

Pelican Sinks introduced its Bamboo Series of sinks. Each eco-friendly sink is made of rapidly renewable bamboo and is sealed with a waterproof polyurethane that allows the sink to withstand everyday use and gives it a maintenance free finish. There are five models available in the Bamboo Series including two round sinks that are 16 or 16...

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IceStone Upgrades Website with New Store Section

IceStone, a manufacturer of concrete surfacing that utilizes post-consumer recycled glass, has upgraded its website to include a store. The store features sections for both IceStone and PaperStone products. In each of the sample sections, samples of the products can be ordered in a set or by the individual piece. A maintenance...