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Utilizing the marketing power of is a great way to reach the countertop industry, and we offer several ways to leverage your marketing for the best exposure for your products and services. At, you can take advantage of our reach without the hassle and work of trying to duplicate it. No other Web-based marketing service offers your business more opportunity for growth! We have carefully gathered contact information for the most influential people in the industry, and our programs allow you access to them in a variety of ways:

  • DIRECT EMAIL MARKETING With a growing e-mail contact list of those in the green surfacing industry, you can put your message directly into the inboxes of the people who are interested in what you have to offer. Email blasts are perfect for new product introductions, special promotions, driving traffic to your booth at trade shows or just keeping the industry apprised of what you are up to.
  • BANNER ADVERTISING Drive traffic from our website to yours with a good banner ad program. All banners on the website appear on every page, so no matter what readers are interested in, your message is sure to be seen. Banner ad options include our Leaderboard, skyscrapers, large boxes, small buttons and a variety of all pages for every need and price range.  Banner ads are sold in 3-month increments, with few rotations!
  • NEWSLETTER ADVERTISEMENTS/SPONSORSHIPS Be a part of our informational process by sponsoring our soon to be released quarterly newsletter. Your logo and link to your website or an advertisement could be included in every e-mail newsletter we send out! We also offer static banner advertising in the newsletter.
  • CONTENT SPONSORSHIPS One of our main goals at is to provide the green surface industry with the latest and most reliable information available to help them stay aware of industry trends, learn about new products and new processes and improve their businesses. As such, we are very careful about the information we include on the website and in our newsletter. But, where appropriate and relevant, we do offer opportunities for companies to supply and sponsor content on the site.

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