About Us

Welcome to Green Surface Resource

GreenSurfaceResource.com seeks to be the most comprehensive source for information related to green, Eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable surfacing. It was founded as a companion website to CountertopResource.com, the culmination of years of research and work behind the scenes in the countertop fabrication industry that was launched in 2012. Since the effort to develop this comprehensive source of news and information relevant to to green, eco-friendly, recycled and sustainable surfacing began in 2014, the response has been growing, which only pushes the founders to provide the company’s audience and clients with new features and increasingly relevant, original material to help drive their businesses to new heights.

GreenSurfaceResource.com is a grass roots organization headquartered in Portland, Oregon, and the founders and directors strive to provide friendly, personable service to each and every client. Even as the company continues to expand and weave its way ever deeper into the industry, the services provided will always be based on these humble beginnings that emphasize responsive service. In addition, GreenSurfaceResource.com’s database is already growing and we hope it will soon be the largest of its kind as it is refined on a weekly basis.

For further information, do not hesitate to send us your questions, thoughts, ideas or concerns via email, postal mail or telephone at the addresses and numbers available on our contact page.


So Who Are We?

Howie-PHowie Phillips – Publisher and Idea Man
Howie Phillips is the chief backer and driving force behind the establishment of CountertopResource.com. He has worked as a leader in several industries, both consumer-driven and B2B, and shows complete confidence in the company and its personnel. However, he chooses to remain mostly behind the scenes, providing valuable resources, insight and advice. As the publisher of both CountertopResource.com and GreenSurfaceResource.com, he consults on content, marketing and client services/relationships with the website’s staff and is committed in his efforts to produce a quality site that serves the needs of fabricators and the countertop/surfacing industry as a whole.

Brian Jones – Editor, Content Manager and Jack-of-All-Trades
Brian Jones fell into the countertop fabrication industry as a result of his career as a freelance writer and is now the co-founder, editor and operations director of  CountertopResource.com, the sister site to GreenSurfaceResource.com. He has ghost written several articles for industry magazines, including Solid Surface Magazine and Surface Fabrication, as well as numerous industry websites. In addition to his time as a writer/researcher, Brian also pulls from his years of experience with B2B and retail business. Brian has not only worked in management, but also as a consultant and software analyst for the appliance, music and hearth and home sectors. However, he is now happy to turn all of his attention to the business of countertop fabrication and eco-friendly surfacing.

W.S. Franklin – Staff Writer
W.S. Franklin has a background in technical and creative writing and assists diligently behind the scenes in writing and editing content for the website. He has been a freelance writer for more than 15 years and prides himself on his ability to write accurate, concise copy on a variety of topics. He currently resides in Oklahoma City.

R. Devlin – Site Administrator
R. Devlin has a background in accounting, database management and business. She has been an integral part of the development of this website and continues to be the glue that holds us all together behind the scenes. She currently resides in Madison, Wis.