Coverings Features Live Tiny House Tile Installations

Orlando Lakefront Tiny Home

coverings-2017Tiny living encompasses not only residing in a tiny home (which is often much less expensive and efficient) but also environmental consciousness, self-sufficiency and living simply.
With the continued growing interest in the Tiny House Movement, Coverings 2017 has taken on the challenge of showcasing how these small spaces can be designed to be as elegant and welcoming as any larger home.
The Installation Design Showcase (IDS) is a must-see attraction and this year will feature three tiny houses on the Coverings 2017 show floor. National Tile Contractors Association (NTCA) Five Star Contractors and leading designers will collaborate to showcase the synergy between beautiful design and exceptional installation. Each tiny house will highlight a different design aesthetic and feature tile and stone in a live installation. Attendees are encouraged to stop by throughout the show to see the progression of the build and talk with the installers and designers as the three tiny homes come to life.
All attendees are welcome to take part in IDS Deconstructed, which will be held Thursday, April 6 from 3:00 to 4:00 pm, with a reception following the session. During the IDS Deconstructed session attendees can meet with the leading designers and NTCA Five Star Contractors who have collaborated on the Installation Design Showcase and learn what it takes to pull together these annual vignettes in just five days. During this one-hour, interactive session, there will be a tour of the three tiny houses. From the types of tiles selected and why, to the thought process behind the designs, to the installation techniques, the participants will leave no stone – or tile – unturned.

Coverings 2017 will take place April 4-7, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. The show is partnering with developer Adam Money, of Orlando Lakefront, who plans to incorporate the finished tiny houses into his Lakefront Bed & Breakfast and tiny home community.

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