New Green Building Library Available on USGBC Website


The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recently added a Public Policy Library to its website. In the new USGBC Public Policy Library users can discover and access green building-related and LEED-specific policies across the United States. The library is an interactive platform that shares details on policies at the federal, state and local levels that incentivize, require or otherwise promote green building measures—including LEED.

USGBC has curated incentives and directives that incorporate LEED or key green building elements. Also included are selected policies (e.g., significant building energy efficiency tax incentives and energy benchmarking policies) that are of particular relevance to USGBC’s work and that of the green building community. Such additional policies are included to the extent that USGBC is aware of them and gauge them to be of general interest.

Users can filter policies by type (e.g., requirement, incentive), government level and jurisdiction. A search by keyword is also available. This is a great tool for professionals in the green building industry and anyone else who is interested in learning more about the green building policy landscape across the country or in a specific state or locality.

The library will be updated regularly with the latest information on new, amended or elapsed policies. However, the database is not exhaustive, given its scope and the many policies in effect. In order to stay as fresh and current as possible, USGBC needs help. If a relevant policy is not included or one is found that needs to be updated, please let them know by completing the form online or by emailing USGBC.

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