GAF Introduces Roof-Integrated Solar System

GAF DecoTech Roof-Integrated Solar System

GAF, a North American roofing manufacturer, recently announced a new innovation in solar roofing technology: the DecoTech™ Roof-Integrated Solar System. According to the company, the GAF DecoTech System couples innovative, attractive and affordable solar technology with fast, safe and easy installation by roofing contractors.

Designed to provide an attractive, low-profile alternative to rack-mounted solar panels (which are typically suspended above the roof’s shingles), the DecoTech System is integrated directly into the roofing system. GAF uses premium solar panels to optimize power output. Robust flashing and a black perimeter shield reduces the risk of leaks and animal intrusion, while creating a monochromatic profile that helps blend the Deco Black panels into the roof for maximum aesthetic appeal.

“We heard from established solar contractors who want to add the DecoTech product to their line, as well as roofing contractors who see the potential to build their businesses with an innovative offering that integrates smoothly with their existing business,” said Anthony Ruffine, GAF vice president of renewable energy & strategic marketing.

“The DecoTech Roof-Integrated Solar System will make it even easier for many of our factory-certified roofing contractors to offer affordable solar power to their customers,” said Ruffine. The DecoTech System will also be supported by financing relationships that may, depending on lender approval and other terms and conditions, help homeowners achieve their solar aspirations.

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