TorZo Tiikeri Adds New Dimension to Office

TorZo Sustainable Surfaces is one of the country’s leading developers and manufacturers of green flooring and paneling, which is sourced from a variety of materials. One of the company’s latest products for floors, walls and other horizontal and vertical applications is comprised of 50 percent recycled and renewable sorghum straw and is known as Tiikeri.

Recently, it came to our attention that KJWW Engineering Consultants in Naperville, IL KJWW_Pict_2rotenlisted FGM Architects to renovate their office. The clients and designers considered a wide range of sustainable materials before finally deciding to go with TorZo’s Tiikeri because it combined sustainability with a unique, attractive aesthetic.

About the Project

The primary idea that KJWW Engineering Consultants used as the basis of its plan was to refresh the office with a small-scale, value-driven interior renovation. The major areas to be included in the renovation were the lobby, gallery, a circulation space and several conference rooms.

The client’s wish was to focus on updating the color palette so that it came more into alignment with the company’s corporate and brand identities. However, the new design had to be strategically woven into the existing space without the need for major construction.

One of the biggest obstacles to overcome was the large expanse of bare walls that all met at major circulKJWWation points, and FGM researched several concepts to address the problem adequately.


To address the floors, FGM chose a combination of carpet tile from Tandus and floating luxury vinyl tile (LVT), and quartz was chosen for the new countertops. The long expanses of walls were broken up with collaborative wall art that includes Deko Markerboards, Gage Metal and TorZo Tiikeri.

Sustainable Wall Art

The basic concept for the wall art was to use large-scale panels in designs that serve as points of interest. Inserting the Markerboards in strategic positions between the Gage and TorZo panels adds a degree of functionality as it provides an opportunity to quickly record ideas and important bits of information.

The TorZo Tiikeri provides much of the appeal of the sustainable wall art as it natural texture is highlighted with accents of blue that match the client’s brand identity. In addition, TorZo was specifically chosen to add a dimension of sustainability. In addition, other products were chosen because they include post-consumer recycled materials or rapidly renewable materials – all of which are functional, durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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