Recycled Denim Surfacing Material Offered by TorZo

Torzo Denim surfacing material using recycled denim

Torzo Denim surfacing material using recycled denimTorZo Sustainable Surfaces offers its Denim surfacing material  made from actual recycled scraps of denim fabric. An acrylic resin is infused into the denim and it is mounted to baltic birch plywood, with the end result being an extremely hard and durable panel, according to the company. Denim is NAUF, made in Oregon and can contribute to LEED certification in several categories, as with all of the company’s products. It is suitable for horizontal, vertical and specialty applications in just about any market segment. The material can be fabricated using standard woodworking tools. The material’s durability and performance are achieved through the company’s exclusive infusion process that provides scratch- and abrasion-resistance. It comes in two surface treatments: a version without filling surface voids, providing a more rustic, textured appearance, and a version that is filled and sanded that gets rid of most of the surface voids (better suited for horizontal applications). Each sheet weighs 37 lbs. and is available in 2-ft. by 4-ft. sizes that are 1/2-in.-thick (including the backer board).

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