Porcelanosa Offers Ecocycle KRION Solid Surface with Recycled Content

krion ecocycle colorsEcocycle™ is the product line of KRION™ solid surface that contains up to 35 percent of recycled material. This material, made by the Spanish company Porcelenosa Group, uses rejected sheets of other solid surface it produces and instead of discarding them, grinds them up and uses them as particulates in new colors and designs. A series of the company’s “Lux” colors was created for the Ecocycle product line. This series is the KRION Lux NATURE range, that contains eight colors. The colors are Ash Nature, Camel Nature, Clear Nature, Dune Nature, Earth Nature, Grey Nature, Marfil Nature and White Nature. These colors are not only made in a more sustainable manner, they maintain the product characteristics of solid surface, such as being nonporous, which makes them highly stain- and bacteria-resistant. They are also thermoformable like other solid surface and are heat- and scratch-resistant. Additionally, this surfacing material comes with a 10-year warranty.

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