LOTTARE Granitali Composite Sinks Contain Recycled Granite

Lottare Recycked Granite Composite Sink

Lottare Recycked Granite Composite SinkLOTTARE’s ‘Granitali Collection’ line of granite composite Sinks include recycled granite, reports the company. They are made from a material that recycles granite and uses it in a forming process to create the sinks. This composite is designed to improve their durability. The kitchen sinks come in three models: A classic single-basin sink, an equal-double sink and an offset sink. They come in three colors, Black, Chocolate and Graphite.

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  1. Dianna Velando says:

    Looking for a recycle placr for granite composite sink. Bran new never used. Arrived at our house with a crack on the rim and was not able to install. Don’t want to throw it away if it can be recycled in some way . Thank you. Can be reached at 3032432853. My name is: Dianna Velando. My email:dmvzsg@ q.com

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