Kirei Offers EchoSky Acoustic Baffle Systems

kirei echosky

Kirei offers 12 standard EchoSky systems created to fit your space. The rack-mounted EchoSky units can also be linked together for use in larger spaces and custom sizes and configurations can be made.

Lightweight, modular rack components provide a stable foundation for the baffles.  An aluminum channel securely holds the baffles and is hung with cable. Using modular parts means simple assembly, easy hanging and reduced cost, reports the company.

According to the company, 62 percent of office workers have stated that they are negatively affected by acoustic issues. Adding sound absorbing materials like EchoSky to the spaces can reportedly reduce occupant stress and increase productivity. The EchoSky racked baffle systems bring ceilings to a more personal level, control echo to reduce the perceived size of a room and reduce ambient noise.

EchoSky is available in 20 colors including six new additions to the collection: Frost, Viridian Green, Lime Splice, Navy, Sage and Magenta. The baffles are available in standard 9 in. or 11.5 in. depths, or may be customized to fit the needs of the client.

EchoSky Baffle Systems are made from recycled PET and aluminum and the components can be reused or recycled at the end of life.  EchoSky EchoPanel acoustic baffles can also help your project gain LEED® green building credits.

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