Café Chain Dedicates Not Only Food, but Design and Decor Toward Sustainability

Welcome to the inaugural blog post here at This will be a regular monthly feature where we informally discuss the latest developments in the world of eco-friendly surfacing materials and fabrication, offer insights, share our opinions and ask you to share yours.

In this first edition, we take a look at a chain of restaurants that is making an effort to go green.

Café Yumm!® is a growing chain of restaurants with locations in Oregon and Washington state that not only offers a sustainable organic menu, but takes sustainability one step further through the decor and restaurant design when it comes to surfacing.

TorZo's DurumThe restaurant is committed to environmental preservation and stewardship, which is apparent in the design of its stores and the materials chosen for them. Tabletops are made from TorZo’s Parda material, which are resin-infused panels comprised of 70 percent FSC® wood fiber, as well as TorZo’s Durum, which contain 70 percent resin-infused recycled wheat straw.TorZo's Parda Both of these materials are manufactured in Woodburn, Ore., and have no added urea formaldehyde. They can be used for horizontal or vertical applications, and are suitable for commercial projects. The cafés use energy efficient LED and fluorescent lighting rather than neon. And they subscribe to more than 300,000-kilowatt hours of wind power annually through the Eugene Water and Electric Board’s wind power initiative and Portland General Electric’s Green Source program.

Café Yumm! applies sustainability to all areas of their business. Each location purchases local organic ingredients whenever possible. They recycle and takeout utensils are biodegradable. Additionally, each year, Café Yumm! donates time and money to local non-profit organizations that share their vision of nurturing whole foods, active and healthy lifestyles, and environmental yumm blog 5

TorZo Durum resin-infused panels are comprised of 70% recycled wheat straw. And, TorZo Parda resin-infused panels are comprised of 70% FSC wood fiber. They are both manufactured in Woodburn, OR and have no added urea formaldehyde. TorZo can be used for both horizontal and vertical applications. Its durability makes it ideal for commercial projects.

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