TorZo Offers Tiikeri Sustainable Flooring and Panels

UMass Lowell Tiikeri
McGauvran Center at the University of Massachusetts Lowell

TorZo’s Tiikeri is manufactured in Woodburn, Ore. These resin-infused panels and flooring are made of 50 percent pre-consumer recycled and rapidly renewable sorghum straw which gives the material a tiger-like striped look. Tiikeri is suitable for use as flooring and horizontally or vertically in panel applications. According to the company its durability makes it ideal for commercial projects. Like all TorZo products, Tiikeri contains no added urea formaldehyde and can contribute to LEED certification for low emitting materials, recycled content, regional materials (if project is within 500 miles of Woodburn) and rapidly renewable materials. It is available in 35.5 in. by 71.5 in. boards in 5/16- and 5/8- in. thicknesses.

Tiikeri is available in the following colors:

Tiikeri Dusk


Tiikeri Midnight


Tiikeri Natural


Tiikeri Bronze


Turquoise Tiikeri


Sapphire Tiikeri


Ruby Tiikeri


Amethyst Tiikeri









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