Freed Video Discussing Sustainable Building and the Future

This slightly outdated video put out by features Eric Corey Freed, principal of OrganicArchitect and author of Green Building for Dummies, who gave a presentation in 2009 (hosted by Kirei) in which he took a look at the future of buildings if mankind were to disappear. He contrasted the potentially dark future of Earth’s structures constructed in a non-sustainable way with a positive future of a sustainably constructed building methods. Freed closed his presentation with a look at a variety of sustainable materials, such as Alkemi, Ecotop, Eleek, Icestone, Kirei, Lulan, Orangepiel, Plyboo and Vetrazzo.

While we are a little skeptical of some of his predictions (like no more incandescent light bulbs by 2010 or ashtrays by 2015, etc.), his point is well made. And the end features some really unique and interesting surfacing materials that alone make the video worth watching.

You may also be interested in this video on the natural stone sustainability standard.

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