TorZo Introduces Turnkey Tabletops

TorZo Tabletops

TorZo introduced turnkey service for tabletops, simplifying the process. You choose the shape, size, pattern, color, edge detail and finish, and TorZo will fabricate it. While there are standard options to pick from, the company also never shies away from trying something new.

According to the company TorZo tables are durable, sustainable and unique. The proprietary acrylic infusion process reportedly creates strength and durability. TorZo surfaces are made from recycled post-agricultural and post-industrial wood/fabric boards, which makes them sustainable and gives them a beautiful aesthetic all their own.  All TorZo materials can be used to fabricate tabletops.

Typical table sizes are 24 in. by 24 in.; 24 in. by 30 in.; 30in. by 30 in.; 30 in. by 42 in.; 30 in. by 48in.; and 30 in. by 60 in. A variety of standard shapes are available including circle, square, rectangle and oval. The company states that custom jobs are always welcome and a table can be made according to your needs.

Torzo table edge detailTo finish the tables, edge detail options such as mitered, edge banding, exposed and denim baltic birch are available.

A durable polyurethane coating with a matte satin finish is most commonly applied, although other options can be specified.

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