FILA Offers MP90 Eco Plus Sealer

FILA MP90 Eco Plus Sealer fixed

FILA introduced MP90 ECO PLUS Natural Look Penetrating Sealer. This water-based, solvent-free sealer is designed for use on polished or unpolished natural stone and polished porcelain tiles. MP90 Eco Plus helps to sustain the natural look of polished porcelain tile by preventing stains and making them easier to clean when they happen. The odor-free solution can be applied to surfaces with some residual moisture, which can reportedly reduce on-site application time by up to 80 percent.  The treatment is non film-forming and certified safe for food contact areas. It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors. MP90 ECO PLUS is LEED-approved and received GEV-EMICODE EC1PLUS certifications because of its low VOCs.

EMICODE is a quality control certification that awards labels to modern, solvent-free, low-emission building materials.  Extensive testing and continuous monitoring is assured by GEV-Association for the control of emissions in products for flooring installation, adhesives and building materials.  Products classified as “very low emission” and carrying the GEV label EMICODE EC1PLUS offer the best possible assurance against indoor air pollution for a high level of health protection and environmental compatibility, according to the company.

You may also be interested in this video about the natural stone sustainability standard.


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