Durat Offers Eco-Friendly Solid Surface

Durat Solid Surface

Finland-based Durat Solid Surface was established in 1990 and has more than 17 years experience in manufacturing and fabricating solid surface material. Durat is a polyester based solid surface material that contains about 30 percent recycled material and is 100 percent recyclable. The recycled post-industrial waste is granulated into small speckles giving Durat its distinctive texture. The material is cast into sheets and different sizes of sinks and bath tubs. The company states that Durat solid surface can be made into seamless surfaces and custom vanity units can be made according to the designers’ wishes. Durat can also be thermoformed to create curved surfaces up to a radius of 700mm.

Durat is reportedly extremely durable and can be renewed by slight sanding. According to the company the material is resistant to wear, humidity and various kinds of chemicals. Durat is fabricated into seamless surfaces by cutting, gluing and sanding using woodworking tools.

Durat´s color chart is extensive, with more than 70 colors available. The three dimensional surface gives the color a sense of depth. The colors are available in many fresh tones and the selection includes various speckled alternatives. Durat also offers the ability to create custom colors, making the Durat color palette practically unlimited. RAL and NCS color charts are the preferred reference when tinting a new color.

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