Stikwood Adds Five New Styles of Wood Plank Wall Covering

Stikwood Sierra Silver
Stikwood Sierra Silver

Stikwood, a Sacramento, Calif.-based company, expanded its product line to 28 styles with the introduction of five new Peel-and-Stick wood plank products. Each plank is made in the U.S. from reclaimed and sustainable woods from around the country. The planks are cut to 1/8-in. or 3/16-in. thick pieces and backed with the peel-and-stick adhesive that reportedly makes the product easy to install on any wall.

The new products include: Black Maple, a chocolate tone of rich maple; Minimalist Fir, a mixture of creamy color and natural simplicity; Reclaimed Sierra Silver, a unique weathering and wider grain pattern with deep dimensions; Vandyke, a Douglas fir plank with a rich hue and distinctive grain pattern; and Victoria Vandyke,  part of the Plankprints collection that highlights the warmth of Vandyke planks with the subtle embellishment of an ornamental design.

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