Artis Wall Utilizes Reclaimed Wood Planks

ArtisWall before-after

Artis Wall Vertical InstallationArtis Wall is an American made wood accent wall that uses reclaimed wood planks. Artis Wall is described as rustic-chic, which combines the warm and rustic feel of reclaimed wood with a modern living space. Every Artis Wall plank comes with its own piece of American history. Crafted from authentic, reclaimed wood, each Artis Wall plank was originally part of a barn or old building from around the country. For each plank of wood that is taken from an old barn or building to create the product, the company works to replace and refurbish these pieces of American history. According to the company, Artis Wall offers a quick and clean installation and removal method that leaves little-to-no damage on the wall. Artis Wall is reportedly easy to put up, take down and transport to other rooms because of its proprietary hook-and-loop adhesive installation method. The planks come in various lengths, are lightweight, pre-sanded and stained. This allows for a  range of applications and wall layouts. The lightweight nature of the planks also allow for easy cutting with a utility knife to create the perfect fit.

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