Avonite Studio Collection Solid Surface Certified to Contain up to 40 Percent Recycled Content


The Avonite Studio Collection has been SCS-certified to contain up to 40 percent recycled material. The translucent polyester solid surface, made from a proprietary resin blend, is inspired by glass and precious metals. The NSF-certified materials in the Avonite Studio Collection can be thermoformed and are reportedly durable, nonporous and repairable.  Integrating LED lighting or backlighting this translucent material creates an illuminating effect that is most appealing for projects such as countertops, backlit bar tops, store fixtures, partitions or wall art. Recent color options added to the collection include Bluebell, Calcatta Stone, Celestial Pearl, Red Currant and Rosehip. The sheets are 36 by 120 in. by ½ -in. thick and are also available in custom colors upon request.

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