Miniwiz Co. Introduces TRASHPRESSO

Miniwiz Co. Trashpresso

TRASHPRESSO is the first mobile plastics and fabric waste recycling plant. It was designed to tackle waste in isolated communities by bringing industrial grade recycling to those communities on a mobile, automated, and self-powered platform.

The TRASHPRESSO plant is housed in a 40-foot container platform that is movable by trailer truck. Unlike existing recycling systems, the TRASHPRESSO plant runs entirely on solar power, making it deployable in isolated areas. Because the system is a completely mobile, self-powered platform it can process plastic and fabric waste on the planet’s most remote corners.

Once stationed, the TRASHPRESSO container opens much like a satellite unpacking in orbit. Trash is collected locally, then washed, shredded, melted, and molded through an automated process. The water required for cleaning the trash is even cycled back into the process further reducing the processes footprint. The output of the TRASHPRESSO’s recycling process are up-cycled architectural tiles that can be used for interior or exterior floor finishes, or sold as raw material for further up-cycling manufacturing processes like yarning, injection and extrusion. The plant can produce approximately 108 sq. ft. of tile every 40 minutes with the equivalent of five plastic bottles going into each tile.

To celebrate Earth Day 2017, Miniwiz, along with Jackie Chan and National Geographic, showcased the TRASHPRESSO in Shanghai.

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  1. Paula briner says:

    Interested in your TRASHPRESSO. I’m in Indianapolis, IN. USA. What a neat concept. Interested in more information: Do you sell plans for the plants, with instructions? Are plans sold outright or leased? Must any or all equipment be purchased from you, or is a complete list of components
    Part of the purchase price? All other information available would be appreciated. Thank you. Paula Briner

    Available in the US? D

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