Tips on Selling Energy Savings

In a blog post by Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd on the Insulation Institute website, Antonio De la Carrera of ADLCL Architecture gives some good advice on how builders can sell energy efficient upgrades to customers. De la Carrera has a great deal of experience with energy efficient, Net Zero and sustainable building. Through this experience, he has identified the following three tips which he says are crucial for selling energy efficiency:
1.Consumers are buying comfort.
According to De la Carrera, “Buyers are connecting comfort and energy efficiency, but they are buying comfort. That is non-negotiable. Emphasizing specific energy efficient features that contribute to comfort is a must.”
2.Choice and flexibility are good.
De la Carrera said, “The idea behind offering three comparable designs and corresponding price points lends flexibility and choice to consumers in an area that’s going to have a direct impact on the cost of home ownership.”
3.Real numbers remove guesswork.
De la Carrera points out that builders should be proving the benefits of energy efficient options instead of just stating that a home is efficient. This, he says, can be accomplished by estimating energy costs using actual energy bills of customers, along with HERS scores (which indicate levels of energy efficiency), and an energy use index.

Read the full blog post here.

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