KRION Expands SCS Certification for Terrazzos Series

KRION Terrazzo Series

PORCELANOSA Group and KRION® aim to make products increasingly sustainable and more environmentally friendly. Part of this effort is the development of the products of the Ecocycle® range, which includes all products from the different KRION® series, which contain recycled material.

In the production process of the Ecocycle colors, accredited by SCS Global Services, certifying that KRION offers a range of colors which contain pre-consumer recycled material. This means that the material recovered from the waste flow is used in the manufacturing process to create the final product.

The current range of KRION products with recycled content is made up of 33 colors, divided into four types of certifications issued by SCS Global Services: 6, 12, 20 and 40 percent minimum recycled content.

The company is proud to announce that the new Terrazzos Series has obtained the SCS certification for using a minimum 40 percent of recycled content.

Social commitment is a factor which KRION has adopted since it began, and thanks to this, construction professionals may even benefit from LEED points with the use of the Terrazzos Series.

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