PaperStone Emerges as a Leader in Sustainable Countertops

By Jessica McNaughton

PaperStone has come to the forefront of the countertop market as a warm surfacing alternative to cold, dated stone. The idea that a material from paper could outperform stone and quartz is hard to grasp.  But it is true.

PaperStone is more workable than stone.  In fact, standard woodworking tools can be used by a millworker, or it can be machined on standard stone equipment.

PaperStone can be refinished.  Yes, refinished, multiple times.  With a light sanding, you can completely rejuvenate the surface.  Most people like the organic, warm feel and how it patinas over time to reveal more of a textured appearance.

PaperStone is not porous, and is not affected by water.  In fact, with good seaming practices and biscuit joints, skilled millworkers can get a nearly seamless finish with the material.

PaperStone is not expensive.  There is a misconception that PaperStone is expensive because it is a “recycled” product.  It is not expensive, and in fact, due to its ability to be refinished and incredible durability, it is a very reasonable choice for commercial jobs, especially those where tenants are turned over frequently.

Some buildings are ripping out granite and swapping in quartz, which is not really a sustainable choice. Made in the USA, recycled, and reasonably priced  – PaperStone should be one of the go-to materials these days.

About the Author

Jessica McNaughton is the president of CaraGreen, a distributor of sustainable materials, and co-author of the book Understanding Green Building Materials. She has her Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and her MBA from the Ivey Business School. She is also a LEED Accredited Professional (LEED AP).

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