CoveringsETC Creates Re-Purposed Furniture with Lufthansa Engine Spool

CoveringETC Spool Table

CoveringsETC showcased their new “Tecknik Project” for Lufthansa Airlines during Miami Ironside’s first “Open Friday Breakfast” monthly event. Their Eco-Terr® “Venetian Terrazzo” in the shade Bergamo Black G was used by the artist Linus Ilario Spano, to re-purpose an engine spool. The table and stools will be used in Lufthansa’s new Florida headquarter office in Miami Lakes.
CoveringETC Spool Table 2CoveringETC Spool Table 3This table is made out of a Rolls Royce engine spool from a Lufthansa A320 airbus, which has covered a distance of 5 million miles in its lifetime. This means that it has circled the globe more than 200 times before the part was taken out of service. Nevertheless, because of the CoveringsETC collaboration with Lufthansa to create this sculptural and functional art piece/furnishing, this spool has been re-purposed and continues to remain within the arena of aviation and design.

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