Monthly Archive: April 2016

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Teragren Offers End-grain Bamboo Butcher Blocks

Teragren now includes in its line of Ecosmart worktops the Parquet Butcher Block, a furniture-grade, end-grain butcher block bamboo surface that is made with a formaldehyde-free adhesive. Using rapidly renewable Optimum 5.5 Moso Bamboo, the material is designed to be a harder and more stable product, according to the company. The bamboo is harvested at maturity for...

UMass Lowell Tiikeri 0

TorZo Offers Tiikeri Sustainable Flooring and Panels

TorZo’s Tiikeri is manufactured in Woodburn, Ore. These resin-infused panels and flooring are made of 50 percent pre-consumer recycled and rapidly renewable sorghum straw which gives the material a tiger-like striped look. Tiikeri is suitable for use as flooring and horizontally or vertically in panel applications. According to the company its durability makes it...


Go Green at Your Next Trade Show

Whether you focus on countertops, flooring, walls or other surfaces, there is no question that trade shows are a big part of the industry and necessary to help drum up business and learn what’s new. Trade shows, however, are also notoriously big on waste. There may not be much you can do...

EchoStar EchoPanel Systems 0

Kirei Presents EchoStar Acoustic Ceiling Panels

EchoStar, the hung ceiling cloud units from Kirei’s EchoPanel Systems Collection are available in single or in linked arrays, sized at 31 in. by 36 in. by 5.5 in. that reportedly cover 5.84 sq. ft. EchoStar acoustic ceiling panels convey your design values with five colors to choose from. The diamond facets...

Vintner's Collection Bordeaux Reclaimed Wood Wall Mount 0

Native Trails Offers Reclaimed/Repurposed Wood Vanity Collections

The Americana Collection and Vintner’s Collection by Native Trails include bathroom vanities, bathroom storage and mirrors made of wood reclaimed from barns and wineries on California’s Central Coast, then handcrafted by local artisans. The Americana Collection features bath furniture handcrafted by American artisans from reclaimed barn wood. The Americana Collection of bathroom...


Guest Blog: Things That Suck

By Jessica McNaughton A lot of companies don’t like OSHA, the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. They make companies ensure that their employees are safe, which is supposed to be a good thing. They require a lot of documentation and, sometimes, costly equipment to ensure safety. But they are trying to save...

Video Introduces LEED v4 Certification 0

Video Introduces LEED v4 Certification

This video is produced by a sustainable building educator by the name of GreenCE Education. Although does not specifically endorse the company, the following video is a great introduction to the latest version of LEED certification (v4) as developed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).

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Torzo Offers Blue Stain Pine Panels and Planks

Torzo is now offering Blue Stain Pine panels and planks. Each log is custom cut to preserve the natural aesthetic, color tone and character of the wood. The proprietary acrylic infusion process transforms the wood into functional, durable surfaces for ceiling, flooring, tabletop, countertop applications and more. The Blue Stain Pine panels...


Green Business: Ethical Issues

By R. Yuvarani It is becoming extremely difficult for business owners to ignore the relevance of protecting the environment, improving the quality of life and similar issues, including the conservation of natural resources, reducing environmental pollution, protecting endangered species and controlling land use. Many companies are even finding that consumers are willing...