Innerglow Offers Gilasi Recycled Glass Countertop Materials

neptune-1000 Gilasi
Gilasi neptune

bloom-2 GilasiGilasi, developed by Innerglow Inc., is a surfacing material designed to be durable and elegant, while also be made from locally sourced recycled glass previously destined for the landfill. The recycled glass is suspended in an aeronautic grade, VOC-free epoxy, and is reportedly tough and stain resistant, in addition to aesthetically pleasing. It is available in two distinct collections: Art Glass and Contemporary.

The Art Glass Collection has four colors and is created using recycled hand blown art glass, with each style incorporates a family of colors to create stunning, one of a kind looks. The four colors are Pearl, Obsidian, Neptune (pictured above) and Ambra. The Contemporary Collection showcases subtly chromatic stylings to fit any decor and features more common recycled glass. It comes in eight colors: Chioni, Sapa, Arctic Ice, Vanilya, Samudra Tata, Nendo, Pietra and Kuro.

The material is manufactured in Chicago, and all of the glass used is sourced locally, within 15 miles of the manufacturing facility.  The central location also helps minimize the shipping distances to out-of-state clientele.

Each slab is composed of between 79 and 85 percent recycled material and is nonporous and chemically inert. It is available in four slab sizes – 28 by 60 in.; 28 by 109 in.; 46 by 109 in.; and 61 by 109 in., which helps improve the yield  for each job, lowering waste as well as improving cost controls.  Standard slabs are 3cm thick.

The material offers various LEED Points, as follows: MR 4.1 – Recycled content 10%; MR 4.2 – Recycled content 20%; Innovation in design recycled content 30% or greater; and EQ 4.1 – Low emitting materials. Plus, the material can help achieve points regionally because 70 percent of the product is sourced within 25 miles o the manufacturing facility.

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