Native Trails Offers Reclaimed/Repurposed Wood Vanity Collections

Vintner's Collection Bordeaux Reclaimed Wood Wall Mount
Vintner's Collection Bordeaux Wall Mount Vanity in Oak
Native Trails Americana Collection Driftwood Vanity

Native Trails Americana Collection in Driftwood

The Americana Collection and Vintner’s Collection by Native Trails include bathroom vanities, bathroom storage and mirrors made of wood reclaimed from barns and wineries on California’s Central Coast, then handcrafted by local artisans.

The Americana Collection features bath furniture handcrafted by American artisans from reclaimed barn wood. The Americana Collection of bathroom furniture, vanities and bathroom storage has a character as rich as its history. These pieces are complemented with hand forged iron hardware. Formerly known as the Old World collection, Americana now includes storage pieces.

The Vintner’s Collection is made up of functional bathroom furnishings that have been reincarnated from salvaged wine-making materials.  Repurposed as bathroom vanities and mirrors, this collection gives a second life to oak barrels and staves from the heart of California’s wine country.

According to the company some of the most popular pieces are those that don’t stray too far from their original purpose. The company states that the wine barrel vanity is one of Native Trails’ most talked about forays into recycled wood. This wall-mounted vanity is made from an oak wine barrel that has outlived its original five-year lifespan. The artisans disassemble the barrel, cut it down to the ideal size, reassemble the slats, and wire brush the oak to remove residuals from the winemaking process.

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