Torzo Offers Blue Stain Pine Panels and Planks

Blue Stain Pine
Washington High School, Portland, OR / FFA Architecture, Portland, OR

Torzo is now offering Blue Stain Pine panels and planks. Each log is custom cut to preserve the natural aesthetic, color tone and character of the wood. The proprietary acrylic infusion process transforms the wood into functional, durable surfaces for ceiling, flooring, tabletop, countertop applications and more.

The Blue Stain Pine panels and planks are manufactured from an unexpectedly beautiful repurposed wood. In North America the blue stain fungus spread by mountain pine beetles ravishes millions of acres of forest land. The parasitic fungus attacks and overtakes the tree, killing it, and staining the wood a bluish gray hue. Commercial loggers and commodity sawmills view this purely as a color imperfection and leave it behind. However, what is left is a stunning display of natural pattern and coloration.

By reclaiming this dead standing timber, Torzo is able to showcase the natural brilliance in pattern and highlight the uniqueness each cut provides. According to the company, Blue Stain Pine products are made from the salvaged wood and contain no added urea formaldehyde. The company also states that the material may qualify for LEED credit EQ 4.4 for low emitting materials and MR5 regional materials if the project is within 500 miles of Woodburn, Ore. Panels are available in 48-in. by 96-in. by 5/8-in. and planks are available in 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-ft. lengths by 5- in. width by 5/8-in. thick.

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