Metal in Counters Offers Recycled Metal Countertop Options


metal-in-counterMade from more than 90 percent recycled metal, Metal in Counters countertop product offers a highly sustainable design. In addition to its recycled content, the product can be finished many times over and can be totally recycled into reusable metal.

According to the company, one major issue with sustainable products in the current market is price. Products made from recycled content are often more expensive than conventional materials such as granite and engineered stone. The company states that Metal in Counters is priced to be competitive with both granite and engineered stone, offering an excellent solution for “green” building efforts, but at a reasonable price.

While comparing this product to granite and engineered stone, it is important to mention that Metal in Counters countertops are custom fit to every template. To the consumer, this means that the countertops are seamless. In many cases, if the piece will fit through the door, it can be installed without seams. There is less need to be concerned with slabs sizes or sheet dimensions as with conventional countertop products.

The environmental consciousness of this product doesn’t end at sustainable design and recycled content. The product is American made and distributed. The proximity of buyers to production facilities allows for a drastically reduced carbon footprint. In addition to the recyclability of the product, Metal in Counters is taking steps to maintain a sustainable manufacturing process by researching options for a total sustainable facility to create more energy efficient production using solar panels, wind turbines and examining more ways to reclaim waste. The company uses recycled packaging products and consolidates shipping to lower fuel usage, as well as recycling all scrap metal from its products.

Applications include kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor living spaces, home offices, backsplashes, decorative hoods, furniture pieces and more.

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