Hollywood Casino Project Includes TorZo Surfaces

Genesis Associates, a leading national design firm, has chosen to use three green materials manufactured by TorZo Sustainable Surfaces in the redesign of Hollywood Casinos in Jamul, Calif., just outside San Diego. The firm has partnered with Hollywood Casinos for several years now, designing remodels at multiple locations across the country.

t1The specific parts of the Hollywood Casino Jamul-San Diego that were worked on are the Emerald restaurant and Tony Gwynn’s Sports Pub, and the TorZo surfaces were employed for a range of purposes.

The first surface to be used was TorZo Tiikeri, and it can be found on the countertops, bars and walls. Tiikeri panels are often used for both vertical and horizontal applications, and its use can help with LEED certification because it is made without added urea and formaldehyde.

TorZo Striata is another material that played a large role in the Hollywood Casino redesign. For this project, the material was fabricated onsite before becoming tabletops for the booths. Striata panels are manufactured from sustainably harvested Northwest t2Douglas Fir from SFI certified forests.

Finally, Orient tabletops in Onyx were prefabricated by TorZo and included in the design. Orent is a versatile material constructed of recycled wood chips certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

“Our hope is that the Hollywood Casino’s guests will pause to enjoy the beautiful and unique environment that Genesis worked to create,” stated a spokesperson for TorZo.

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