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Prock Operations Presents EcoTec Surfaces

Prock Operations, Inc. presented EcoTec Surfaces, its recycled and renewable solid surface replacement, at Seatrade Cruise Global in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Seatrade features exhibitors and attendees from around the world, and is the epicenter of the cruise ship industry. EcoTec Surfaces’ goal is to provide an...

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Durat Offers Eco-Friendly Solid Surface

Finland-based Durat Solid Surface was established in 1990 and has more than 17 years experience in manufacturing and fabricating solid surface material. Durat is a polyester based solid surface material that contains about 30 percent recycled material and is 100 percent recyclable. The recycled post-industrial waste...


Chroma from 3form Provides Luminous Color

Chroma is a translucent solid surface material made with 38 percent recycled content (9 percent post-consumer, 29 percent pre-consumer). This monolithic material can be used in nearly all horizontal applications. More than 10,000 colors are available that can be combined with a wide selection of lighting...