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GreenBuild Seeks Volunteers

The GreenBuild International Conference and Expo, set to take place in Los Angeles October 5 to 7, 2016, is seeking volunteers to help with organizing and staffing the event. Volunteers must be a minimum of 18 years old and a full time student or a young professional under the age of 25...

American Society for Testing and Materials 0

Find Standards Info on ASTM International Website

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) was founded in 1898, by Charles B. Dudley, Ph.D., a chemist with the Pennsylvania Railroad. In 2001, the name was changed to ASTM International. ASTM’s world headquarters are located in West Conshohocken, Pa., with offices in Belgium, Canada, China, Peru and Washington, D.C. ASTM...

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Formica Introduces dECOLeather Recycled Leather Veneer

Formica Corporation released its 2017 Specialty Collection that features dECOLeather, a recycled leather veneer. dECOLeather is manufactured from 100 percent pulverized leather fibers extracted from car seats and leather tanneries. dECOLeather thickness is comparable to veneer and laminate at 0.8 mm or 1/32 in. Bringing sustainable luxury to interiors, dECOLeather provides all...

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USGBC Seeks Votes for Volunteer IMPACT! Award

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) Malcolm Lewis Volunteer IMPACT! Award recognizes a high-impact, volunteer-driven project or initiative. The award honors Malcolm Lewis, Ph.D., the founder of Constructive Technologies Group, who served on USGBC’s board and chaired its Technical and Scientific Advisory Committee. Drawn to high-performance buildings in the early 1970s, Malcolm...

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Make Your Next Event Even Greener

If you are planning on having an event (company retreat, big client meeting, conference, etc.), and really want to show your dedication to the environment, the location the event is held can make a difference – and be a learning experience. Not only do you show that you care, but seeing a...

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Kirei Introduces EchoScreen Hanging Acoustic Screens

Kirei introduced its new line of EchoScreen hanging acoustic screens.  The visually dynamic patterned cutout EchoScreens reportedly absorb sound and divide space to give workers and students breathing room and a measure of isolation from those around. EchoScreens can be ceiling-suspended or wall mounted to quickly and easily establish acoustic and visual privacy...

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Formica Offers Its Renew Series of Solid Surface

The Renew Series from the Formica® Solid Surfacing line uses post-industrial waste that would otherwise be sent to a landfill. The recycled manufacturing waste is used as particulates in the material and the result is a product that has 10 percent pre-consumer recycled content. According to the company the Renew solid surfacing...

CoveringsETC Bioglass 0

Coverings Etc. Offers Bioglass Recycled Surfacing Materials

Based in Miami, Fla., Coverings Etc. has been offering sustainable material concepts for floors, walls, countertops, facades, terraces and other decorative surfaces since 1998.  One of the company’s products, BIOGLASS, is a 100 percent recycled and 100 percent recyclable surfacing material. BIOGLASS is also a Cradle to Cradle Silver certified material. It...

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Green Building Show: The Sustainable Kitchen

This episode of Green Building Show, posted by Light Home (an Australian website about lightweight and sustainable architecture, design, building and living), focuses on green building trends and processes primarily is Australia. This video episode features sustainability in the kitchen and has an interview with sustainable design and construction specialist Sharon Hamilton...

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Vetrazzo Presents Its Color Lookbook

Vetrazzo, manufacturer of American-made recycled glass surfacing products, introduced a digital resource for customers to explore the various ways in which its products can be used in both residential and commercial designs. The Color Lookbook highlights ideas and inspiration for 18 of Vetrazzo’s recycled glass offerings. It includes concepts for incorporating color...

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US Open Goes Sustainable

In our search for all things green, recycled and sustainable, we came across this interesting post about the U.S. Open on Vetrazzo’s blog. The U.S. Open organization and the United States Tennis Association have been diligently working to lessen the environmental impact of the event. With initiatives in green building (as with Vetrazzo...

Dekton - Trilium 0

Cosentino Introduces a New Recycled Dekton Color

Cosentino expanded its Dekton offering to include Trilium, a color manufactured from materials recycled from its own production process. This is the first time Dekton has used recycled materials. Dekton is an ultra-compact surface suitable for interior and exterior applications. Trilium captures the visual texture and color variation of aged and oxidized stainless...

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MIA+BSI Announces New CEU Class on Certified Stone

MIA+BSI The Natural Stone Institute announced a new CEU course, “Certified Stone: How the Natural Stone Sustainability Standard Can Assist Green Building Projects,” has been added to the MIA+BSI CEU program. The course was authored by Kathy Spanier (Coldspring). The course highlights how the natural dimension stone sustainability standard (ANSI/NSC 373) can assist...

FILA MP90 Eco Plus Sealer fixed 0

FILA Offers MP90 Eco Plus Sealer

FILA introduced MP90 ECO PLUS Natural Look Penetrating Sealer. This water-based, solvent-free sealer is designed for use on polished or unpolished natural stone and polished porcelain tiles. MP90 Eco Plus helps to sustain the natural look of polished porcelain tile by preventing stains and making them easier to clean when they happen....

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TorZo Introduces Turnkey Tabletops

TorZo introduced turnkey service for tabletops, simplifying the process. You choose the shape, size, pattern, color, edge detail and finish, and TorZo will fabricate it. While there are standard options to pick from, the company also never shies away from trying something new. According to the company TorZo tables are durable, sustainable...