CoveringsETC Introduces Larger Slab Sizes of Bio-Glass

Coveringsetc bio-glass facade
Bio-Glass facade on building exterior.

CoveringsETC has introduced a new BIO-GLASS® slab size of 140- by 60- by 3/4- in. The slabs are created from a hand-selected raw material that is shaped into slabs then heated with a patented sintering process. BIO-GLASS is made from liquor bottles including beer, wine, champagne, rum bottles and sparkling water, as well as commercial and industrial glass. Each BIO-GLASS color is from a singularly unique glass source creating the bold color of the product. It is a Future Friendly™ material made of 100 percent recycled and recyclable glass with no colorants or additives.

According to the company these slabs are the largest in the industry and they will continue to develop and bring new 100 percent up-cycled and 100 percent recycled products to support the circular economy and reduce carbon footprint.

BIO-GLASS may help contribute toward LEED credits with USGBC project certification and is Cradle-to-Cradle Silver Tier third-party certified.

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