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Chroma from 3form Provides Luminous Color

Chroma is a translucent solid surface material made with 38 percent recycled content (9 percent post-consumer, 29 percent pre-consumer). This monolithic material can be used in nearly all horizontal applications. More than 10,000 colors are available that can be combined with a wide selection of lighting...


Windfall Lumber Offers Reclaimed Wood Panels

Engineered panels from Windfall Lumber are comprised of reclaimed wood from Douglas fir trees. In addition to the reclaimed wood, the panels also include solid and glue-laminated lumber from deconstructed buildings in the Pacific Northwest. The panels are smooth to the touch, but some of the...


The AIA Selects 2016 COTE Top Ten Green Projects

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and its Committee on the Environment (COTE) recently selected the top ten examples of sustainable architecture and ecological design projects that protect and enhance the environment. Projects showcase excellence in ecological design principles and reduced energy consumption. The projects will...

Teragren 0

Teragren Offers End-grain Bamboo Butcher Blocks

Teragren now includes in its line of Ecosmart worktops the Parquet Butcher Block, a furniture-grade, end-grain butcher block bamboo surface that is made with a formaldehyde-free adhesive. Using rapidly renewable Optimum 5.5 Moso Bamboo, the material is designed to be a harder and more stable product, according to the...

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TorZo Offers Tiikeri Sustainable Flooring and Panels

TorZo’s Tiikeri is manufactured in Woodburn, Ore. These resin-infused panels and flooring are made of 50 percent pre-consumer recycled and rapidly renewable sorghum straw which gives the material a tiger-like striped look. Tiikeri is suitable for use as flooring and horizontally or vertically in panel applications. According to...