New Private Recycling Plant in Utah Will Handle Construction Waste

A new, privately owned recycling facility is being built in Logan, Utah, in hopes of keeping recyclable material from several states out of the landfill including construction and building demolition waste, as well as glass.

The facility, to be known as Revolve, will process 220 different materials according to President and CEO Alex Bearnson. “It’s really the only facility that we’re aware of that provides single-stream and construction and demolition waste,” Bearnson said.

Bearnson founded Revolve after he saw a need for recycling solutions observing more sophisticated services in more populous states. The company services counties and municipalities, commercial enterprises, construction businesses and is open to residents as well.

At first, Revolve will be taking in material from towns in Idaho, Nebraska, Nevada, Washington and Wyoming that don’t currently have recycling facilities and so send this waste to California to be processed, which is much further and thereby increases the carbon footprint via transportation.

A high point of the plan for the business is recycling demolition and construction waste that is currently dumped into landfills. The new plant would reportedly expand the lifespan of the areas landfill by diverting glass and construction/demolition waste.

The new facility will use hyperspectral imaging to recognize materials use forced air to move different materials into different bins. “The whole idea and purpose behind our recycling facility is that it’s a completely new concept to the waste industry itself,” Bearnson was reported to have said to local media. “We’re all about making it easier for the consumer.”

The new facility is scheduled to open in March 2017 and to be able to process 50 tons per hour.


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