Eco Crush Specializes in Sustainable Engineered Stone

Eco Crush, LLC is a manufacturer and fabricator of sustainable engineered stone located in Bend, Ore. The slabs are both durable and attractive while containing high levels post-consumer recycled content. The company’s proprietary manufacturing process and unique aggregate blend creates a natural-looking slab that can be used for countertops in the kitchen or bathroom.

New slabs of Crush are 2-cm thick and measure 60 in. by 108 in., and they contain no less than 88 percent post-consumer recycled content, including concrete, rock and glass, held together by a unique bio resin. All of the glass in Crush is window glass that would have otherwise been destined for landfills. Because of the variety of materials used in this product, Crush is slightly porous, just like natural stone, so it is recommended that a wipe-on granite sealer be used in most applications.

Crush is currently available in 20 colors/patterns in three collections. The Original Collection includes Twilight, Portland Grey, Snow Leopard, Arctic, Canyon, High Desert, Sage and Dune.

The AG Collection uses only recycled glass in a resin binder, giving it a smoother, more even look, and it includes five colors: Winter, Graphite, Mist, Old Mill and Glacier.

The Timeless Collection is also primarily broken glass, but the particles are crushed much finer, giving it the appearance of sand. This collection is available in Blizzard, Coal, London Fog, Mink, Nimbus, Fallen Timber and Pismo Dunes.

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