Pelican Sinks Introduces Bamboo Series

Pelican Bamboo SinkPelican Sinks introduced its Bamboo Series of sinks. Each eco-friendly sink is made of rapidly renewable bamboo and is sealed with a waterproof polyurethane that allows the sink to withstand everyday use and gives it a maintenance free finish. There are five models available in the Bamboo Series including two round sinks that are 16 or 16 1/2 in. (pictured) in diameter. Other bamboo sink sizes available are 21- in. by 14- in. with a depth of 5 in., 19- in. by 14- in. with a depth of 4 in. and a 16- in. by 16- in. square sink with a depth of 5 in. The Bamboo Series Sinks carry a limited lifetime warranty.



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