GlassSLAB Offers Unique Recycled Countertop Options

Glass Recycled Surfaces, based in the Dallas, Texas, area, manufactures a unique countertop product comprised of recycled glass and porcelain that is branded as GlassSLAB. The slabs are 80 percent recycled glass and porcelain aggregates and 20 percent VOC-free epoxy resin, and the company claims that no two are alike. More than 400 variations of GlassSLAB have already been created, and customers are encouraged to create their own designs.

Twenty-four options are available for aggregate based on color, size and type, including bottle glass, window glass, stained glass, porcelain, mirror and mother of pearl. In addition to 24 standard base colors, custom colors can be matched to any swatch from Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. The final product is individually crafted by terrazzo artisans and can be shipped worldwide.

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