GreenField Recycled Glass Stone Offers Key Benefits

GreenField Recycled Glass Stone Products LLC, located in Dubuque, Iowa, offers a self-named, ecofriendly surfacing material made with 100 percent recycled glass combined in a proprietary cementitious mix. The company claims the final product “is more durable than quartz and offers more color combinations than granite.” In addition, slabs that match an original installation can be reproduced at a later date if matches to the existing surface are needed.

GreenField Recycled Glass Stone is environmentally friendly, stain resistant, scratch resistant, easy to clean and can be used for kitchens, bathrooms, tabletops or bar countertops. It is not clear if, like most cementitious products, this material must be sealed regularly. Current colors include Rue Design, Toffee, Spring Green, Pica Blue, Arctic Frost, White Ash, Autumn Delight, Emerald Ale, River Rock and Clear Lake. Custom colors may also be created to specifications.

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