World Architecture Festival Announces WAFX 2017 Prize Winners

WAF first prize

As the World Architecture Festival (WAF) celebrates its 10-year anniversary, the organization launched its first ever manifesto and an award to go with it, the WAFX 2017 Prize. The WAFX 2017 Prize awards future architectural projects that identify key challenges facing society in the next 10 years. The winners were honored during the World Architecture Festival that took place November 15-17 in Berlin, Germany. The World Architecture Festival is a three-day event for architects and interior design professionals full of learning, celebrations, the exchange of ideas and inspiration.

GreenCoat®, provider of sustainable color coated steel products, chose to sponsor the WAFX 2017 Prize because the topics addressed within the WAF manifesto are crucial towards the future of architecture. GreenCoat® is dedicated to supporting architects as they make decisions on creating sustainable future environments.

WAF selected 11 winning future projects that address the manifesto issues. These challenge areas include: climate, energy and carbon, water, ageing and health, re-use, smart cities, building technology, cultural identity, ethics, power and justice.

The overall winner of the WAFX 2017 Prize is the Hydroelectric Canal by Paul Lukez Architecture for its innovative approach to shaping economic and environmentally resilient self-sustaining communities. The Hydroelectric Canal addresses the complex challenge of rising sea levels. The idea behind the winning design is to harness the energy from rising tides in low lying urban areas. Once realized, communities will be able to draw clean energy through advanced hydroelectric systems, which will generate power from the tide.

Other WAFX 2017 Prize winners include:
• Floating Ponds by Surbana Jurong Consultants, winner of the Water prize.
• Energie- ud Zukunftsspeicher im Energiepark Heidelberg by LAVA Berlin, winner of the Building Technology prize.
• Media City by Gad Architecture, Oresund City – a new European metropolis by 2030 by Sweco Architects AB, and Jakarta Jaya: The Green Manhattan by SHAU, joint winners of the Smart Cities prize.
• Södra Skanstull by White Arkitekter, winner of the Ageing and Health prize.
• Whitmore Community Food Hub Complex: Building Community around Food by University of Arkansas Community Design Center, winner of the Ethics prize.
• Lagos’s Wooden Tower by Hermann Kamte & Associates, winner of the Cultural identity prize.
• I LOVE NYDALEN by SAAHA AS, winner of the Re-use prize.
• Revolution 4.0 by Abdullah Ahmed N AlDabbous, winner of the Power and Justice prize.

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