Squak Mountain Stone Offers Rustic, Sustainable Alternative


Squak Mountain Stone is a sustainable alternative to natural stone that is crafted out of recycled materials by Tiger Mountain Innovations in Seattle. The company stated that the idea for the material came from a graduate-school essay about transforming mixed waste paper into hard, workable slabs. Slabs of Squak Mountain Stone have been described as rustic, varied and rule-breaking because it does not look like the “cookie-cutter” slabs that are mass-produced in large factories. Instead, according to the company, it is purposefully “flawed” so that cracks, notches, scratches and seams naturally fit into the design without having to be repaired.

Slabs of Squak Mountain Stone were originally developed for kitchens and bathrooms but can also be used for tabletops, benches, hearths and signage, and it has been used in a range of settings from turn-of-the-century restorations to modern, custom architecture. The material is a composite based on paper and cement that weight about 14.5 lbs. per sq. ft. Post-consumer recycled content is 2.5 percent while post-industrial recycled content is 49 percent, and silica content is less than 1 percent. Standards slabs are 56 in. by 96 in. by 1 3/8 in. After installation, slabs require a topical sealer applied at regular intervals.

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