Oceanside Glasstile Announces Asset Acquisition

Devotion Collection Pattern: Jali Color: Million Dollar Blend

Oceanside Glasstile began with a love for art glass, the environment and the community. Oceanside Glasstile was founded in 1992 with a boundless spirit of innovation, fervor for the art of glass blowing and a new vision for the tile industry—creating luxury glass tile using recycled bottle glass. As pioneers of handcrafted glass tile, today the company continues to design timeless materials that preserve this true artisan lineage. The company’s commitment has shone through in every product, transaction and business decision.

On the eve of its 25th anniversary, the company with humble beginnings has maintained its values to serve more than 50,000 artists, designers, architects, builders and homeowners throughout the world. Each year Oceanside Glasstile innovates to bring new, creative materials for artists, designers and builders.

Oceanside Glasstile recently announced its acquisition of Spectrum Glass equipment, formulas and IP. Acquiring Spectrum Glass assets allows Oceanside Glasstile to dive deep into dynamic production methods to expand its existing collection of beautiful, durable and versatile glass products.

Oceanside Glasstile has been a customer of Spectrum Glass for over twenty years, leveraging Spectrum´s art glass to produce the Devotion collection. This ongoing relationship between Spectrum Glass and Oceanside Glasstile made the acquisition decision a rewarding experience for both companies. Together, they will work to unite the legacy of Spectrum Glass with Oceanside Glasstile´s global network to provide existing Spectrum customers the same standard of product excellence and customer service that has existed within the Spectrum family for more than 40 years.

Production of the Spectrum Glass and System 96 brand products in Oceanside Glasstile´s custom built facility in Tijuana, Mexico will commence in early 2017 and will use the same production techniques and bag-house emission control practices that Spectrum has used for more than 20 years. Oceanside Glasstile´s team welcomes the Spectrum Glass spirit and is excited to stand alongside artists, designers and builders to enjoy the view of what can be created together.

The company’s mantra, “from curbside to Oceanside,” describes its dedication to transforming glass into expressive design materials that would otherwise end up in landfills. Moreover, the company’s efforts to be a sustainable organization extend far beyond this fundamental product attribute. Oceanside maintains measurable goals that target improvements in energy reduction, elimination of waste and green business practices. The company philosophy has always been centered in sustainable processes and dedication to environmental health. Today, these same values reside in all its business practices and pervade the organization.

Oceanside Glasstile recycles more than two million pounds of post-consumer bottle glass each year in its manufacturing. Along with many other initiatives that continually improve sustainability efforts, the company implemented a co-processing partnership to almost completely eliminate any manufacturing waste from going to a landfill. In 2009, the company reformulated more than 20 colors, now with up to 97 percent recycled content and the packaging materials also have up to 60 percent recycled content. Energy consumption was reduced by 20 percent in 2009 vs 2008 and the company goal is to reduce energy consumption by an additional 10 percent.

As is evident in the product and company values, Oceanside Glasstile is committed to ongoing process advancements and environmental stewardship.


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