Merge Design Co. Increases Recycled Content for extremeconcrete™ Xposed™

extremeconcrete Xposed

Merge Design Company, exclusive manufacturer of the extremeconcrete™ line of eco-sensitive materials and products, has increased the recycled content of its extremeconcrete material, Xposed™, making it even more eco-friendly.

Previously, extremeconcrete Xposed™ had consisted of 28 percent recycled content. Now, the company reports that the material’s recycled content has increased to 50 percent. Manufactured in Raleigh, NC, Xposed is a LEED-contributing, eco-sensitive material made from natural minerals mixed with a cementitious binder and pre- and post-consumer recycled content diverted from the waste stream. With all recycled content being sourced from within 500 miles whenever possible, extremeconcrete  Xposed is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based architectural materials and natural stone.

extremeconcrete  Xposed is available in custom products or standard slabs for surfacing that measure 3cm by 60 in. by 108 in. At 3cm thick, a sq. ft. of extremeconcrete Xposed weighs approximately 14 lbs. The slabs are available now in every extremeconcrete color or can be ordered in a custom color upon request. According to the company, these slabs are easily fabricated and installed just like natural stone, utilizing the same tools and techniques to achieve predictable results.

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