Lapitec Wins Iconic Award 2018 “Innovative Material” Category

Lapitec full-body sintered stone has earned the title of “Innovative Material” with an Iconic Award 2018: Innovative Architecture prize, an independent, international architecture and design contest founded by the German Design Council.

With five historical categories (Architecture, Interior, Product, Communication and Concept), this year the award was enriched by a new section, Innovative Material, which recognizes the development of sustainable materials that are energy efficient and multi-functional by design. According to the prestigious jury, composed of important representatives and experts from the architecture and design industries, Lapitec has engaged its eco-friendly DNA and technical qualities in perfect harmony with these standards, making it one of the most innovative products on the market, especially when it comes to ventilated facades.

The potential and merits of full-body sintered stone are seamlessly wed with applications as façade claddings: Lapitec is humidity and UV-ray resistant, self-cleaning, and its extreme hardness makes it particularly resistant to the elements and pollution. In addition, Lapitec has been awarded for its numerous ecological qualities. The 100 percent natural slabs are free from resins or hydrocarbon-based binders, thereby respecting the environment and people. And because the product line does not emit polluting substances, it can be used sustainably, meeting the requirements of various environmental protocols around the globe.

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