Lapitec Introduces Bio-care

Pollution in cities is not only a risk to our health but it also has a damaging effect on buildings, external cladding, monuments and infrastructures. The main cause of damage to buildings is the build up of organic matter which deposits on the surface.

In this video from Lapitec, new Bio-care technology is introduced and explained. Bio-Care is applied to Lapitec slabs, which all contain Titanium Dioxide, and this results in a process comparable to photosynthesis. The reaction of oxygen, natural light and humidity degrades organic compounds that build up on surfacing materials, making Lapitec surfaces easy to clean and thereby providing an economical, environmentally-friendly solution.

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  1. Lapitec also advises you to apply it on polished edges and cut outs for undermount sinks. Have you ever used it yourself? I did and it gave me mixed feelings. Bio-Care (part B) comes with some safety warnings:
    After inhalation: Remove the casualty into fresh air and keep him calm.
    Call in a physician immediately and show him the Safety Data Sheet. No direct breathing aid should be given by the first medical helper.

    Hazard statements:
    H226 Flammable liquid and vapour.
    H302 Harmful if swallowed.
    H315 Causes skin irration.
    H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects

    The full MSDS can be found at

    It doesn’t sound very “Bio” to me and I think the main purpose is to close little pores but maybe it does a magic trick once it’s applied to the surface.

    For Lapitec fabricators and Bio-Care users it’s better to breath lots of fresh air.

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