Kirei Introduces EchoScreen Hanging Acoustic Screens

kirei EchoScreen

Kirei introduced its new line of EchoScreen hanging acoustic screens.  The visually dynamic patterned cutout EchoScreens reportedly absorb sound and divide space to give workers and students breathing room and a measure of isolation from those around. EchoScreens can be ceiling-suspended or wall mounted to quickly and easily establish acoustic and visual privacy in workspaces, classrooms and conference rooms. Designers can choose from 10 standard patterns or create their own custom designs.

“In the expanse of today’s collaboration-centered office environments, finding the ability – and the actual place – for focused concentration can be a real challenge,” said John Stein, owner of Kirei.  “Our new EchoScreens provide a simple yet visually elegant way to elevate employee well-being by creating a feeling of precious personal space.  Additionally, their ‘peek-a-boo’ punched patterns facilitate a productive balance between partitioned privacy and a team-focused work environment.”

New EchoScreens are available in 4-ft. by 8-ft. sections, in 10 styles and 20 color choices. One advantage to the variety of mounting options and styles available is the ability to hang several patterned screens side by side, creating a functional, but artistic design element for any environment. Joining Kirei’s comprehensive line of design solutions for acoustical management, the new EchoPanel hanging screens are also made from recycled and recyclable PET plastic (like that from discarded plastic water bottles), providing an additional parameter of smart, sustainable and GreenTag™-certified design.

The versatile nature of EchoScreen provides extended value to architects and designers beyond office environments and into a wide variety of additional applications – from educational facilities, to restaurant, hotel and other hospitality spaces.

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