EnviroGLAS Terrazzo Made With VOC-Free Epoxy Resin

EnviroGLAS Terrazzo is recycled-glass surface manufactured by EnviroGLAS Products, Inc. It is a thin-set epoxy terrazzo that is made with a two-component epoxy resin that is color pigmented and free of VOCs. The aggregate contained in this surfacing is 100 percent post-industrial recycled glass and is trowel applied at a minimum thickness of 3/8 in. before being ground and polished to create a hard, durable and seamless surface. The finished product is easy to maintain, resistant to bacterial growth and chemical resistant without the need for a sealer.

Before the manufacturing process, the glass for EnviroGLAS is obtained from various industries, color sorted, crushed and bagged. The final product cures quickly and finishes easily, and it weighs less than traditional cement terrazzo, reports the company. Although EnviroGLAS is primarily meant to be installed as terrazzo flooring, the company also manufactures it in the form of EnviroSLAB in several sizes and colors for use as countertops.

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