CoveringsETC Launches New Terrazzo Collection

CoveringsETC, a leader in sustainable hard-surface finish materials, launched their new product line Urban Fossil – an alluring new collection of Terrazzo designs that are not only made of 100 percent recycled material, but are also 100 percent recyclable. CoveringsETC’s Eco-Terr® family of products offers a select variety of specialty Terrazzo finishes, while following strict Future Friendly™ guidelines which showcase a production model for Circular Economy initiatives that contribute toward a zero waste society.

As with all surface materials offered by CoveringsETC,  Eco-Terr products deviate from the take-make-waste model of our current linear economy, and instead adopt a make-use-reuse approach in order to close the loop on stone recycling. This means products contribute zero waste to landfills as they are made of 100 percent recycled natural materials saved from contaminating waterways, demolished buildings and inactive stone quarries. These materials are sourced from local suppliers and carefully selected and combined to enable their infinite recyclability. 

The manufacturing process of Eco-Terr is chemical free (no resins or “smell”) with zero VOCs (volatile organic compounds or “off-gassing”) which significantly improves indoor air quality. Additionally, because of enhanced manufacturing techniques, the final product does not support microbial growth (no germs or bacteria). An Eco-Terr tile installation is timeless with an LCA of 60+ years. The CoveringsETC Eco-Terr Urban Fossil collection offers a contemporary look with a diversity of aggregates that vary in shape, size and color, making each piece a one of a kind. 

Committed to The United Nations Global Goals for Sustainable Development, CoveringsETC proudly employs circular practices both in the manufacturing and packaging processes of their products. As a member of the United States Green Building Council since 2001, these same products may help contribute toward LEED points with USGBC building certification projects. 

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