Coverings ETC Introduces Ablated Finish for Aquamarine Bio-Glass

CoveringsETC Ablated Aquamarine

COVERINGS ETC introduced its newest finish, Ablated for Aquamarine Bio-Glass™. The product’s design is inspired by the ice walls of glaciers. The name “Ablated”comes from the zone of ablation in glaciers, the new finish is visually similar to that of melting glaciers. Remnant shapes of glass cullets can be appreciated throughout it’s entire surface.

Texture closeup of the new Ablated Bio-Glass finish in Aquamarine.

Bio-Glass is 100 percent up-cycled and 100 percent recyclable. Created from hand-selected raw material that is shaped into slabs then heated with a patented sintering process. Bio-Glass is made from discarded glass bottles. Each color comes from its original glass source creating the unique colors of the product. These qualities make the product Future Friendly™ and an ideal material for use in bioarchitecture and passive building projects.

“At COVERINGS ETC we have analogue materials in the digital era. With Bio-Glass we are showcasing how a product could be up-cycled and repurposed to serve your needs. Bio-Glass is both eco-friendly and incredibly durable,” said Ofer Mizrahi, founder of Coverings Etc.

It may help contribute toward LEED credits with USGBC project certification and is Cradle-to-Cradle Silver Tier third party certified.

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